Gift Cards

Visit our Customer Service Desk located on the upper level to purchase a gift card.

Accepted forms of payment for purchases of gift cards are via cash, debit cards or credit cards excluding American Express cards. We accept payment using a Visa or Master Card but No American Express cards. Payments via electronic transfers will only be accepted for corporate sales.

The maximum value that can be loaded onto a gift card is R5000. This arrangement has been made in an effort to improve your shopping and gifting experience in our centre through the assistance of our financial services providers.

For large or special orders contact: or call 011 678 5306

NB: Although gift card holders will not be charged transaction fees when using the gift card, a fee of R19.20 per a transaction will be charged if used outside of Cresta Shopping Centre. Gift cards are not re-loadable.



Dear Shopper,

Kindly note that we are required by law, in accordance with the Financial Intelligence Control Act (FICA), to obtain identification for the sale of gift cards.

This is to protect you from the illegal and/or unauthorised use of your debit or credit card, and/or fraudulent transactions using cash.

Unfortunately, gift cards cannot be sold without identification. Acceptable forms of identification are the green bar-coded ID book, the current driver’s licence, a passport, or the new smart ID card.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding in this regard. Have a pleasant day.