Cresta Shopping Centre is proud to announce a groundbreaking addition to its roster of services: the Department of Home Affairs. This development marks a significant step forward for both the local community and visitors to the area.

The Department of Home Affairs at Cresta Shopping Centre offers a wide range of services, including Smart Card ID and Passport applications, along with access to the Branch Appointment Booking System for added convenience.
This initiative isn’t just about bringing essential services closer to you; it’s about redefining what a visit to Home Affairs can be – efficient, comfortable, and surrounded by top-notch retail and dining options.

Where is the Cresta Home Affairs situated?

The Department of Home Affairs is located on Roof Level, near the Cresta Post Office.

What are the Cresta Home Affairs trading hours?

Monday to Friday:                        08h00-15h30
Sunday and Public Holidays:       Closed
Last Wednesday of the month:    09h00-15h30

Do I need to make a booking or can I just walk in?

Bookings are encouraged as they streamline the process and reduce waiting time.
Book via the Branch Appointment Booking System:

What services are available at the Cresta Department of Home Affairs Branch?

Currently, services include Smart Card ID and Passport applications.
Any updates on additional services will be communicated accordingly.

What documents do I need to bring in to apply for my Smart ID or Passport?
For Lost/ Stolen IDs, bring along copy of affidavit Current ID, Active Passport
For First-time ID Application, bring along Birth Certificate and at least 1 parent must be present. For lost/ stolen Passport application an affidavit is required in addition to the above
For Seniors, the first application for Smart Card ID is free (as long as they have not applied prior) For Minor Passport Application (Younger than 18 years old), both Parents must be present, require Birth Certificate, IDs for both Parents and their valid Passport

Note: People with disabilities, Pregnant Women and Senior Citizens are prioritised.

What is the closest entrance to your Cresta Home Affairs branch?

Closest Entrance is Entrance 6 and Entrance 1.

Direct me to Entrance 1:
Direct me to Entrance 6:

Do I need to bring my own ID photos?

No this is not necessary as photos will be taken during the application process in the Cresta Home Affairs office.

What is the process for making a booking?

Simply book online on the Branch Appointment Booking system, completing all required details. Select Cresta as Branch for appointment.
Look out for confirmation SMS and have this on-hand, along with required supporting documents.