“Sea” what you can do for marine conservation during a visit to the fascinating new CrestAquarium at Cresta Shopping Centre.

Our spectacular marine exhibit takes you to the depths of the oceans in the Indo Pacific region – providing a window to the colourful and exotic world of marine creatures that populate this underwater wonderland.

The CrestAquarium is home to 32 specially selected exotic reef fish which will not only enchant and entertain our shoppers, but also highlight the critical importance of preserving our irreplaceable marine resources.

The opening of the CrestAquarium at Cresta Shopping Centre was just the beginning. We aim to use this as an important vehicle to drive conservation education and create awareness about our oceans. It will be both an important educational hub for school children to see first-hand ocean reef fish, and a treasure trove of information for every household, encouraging us to shop and live responsibly.

Meet Crestal, the new superhero of the Cresta family. As mascot for the CrestAquarium, Crestal’s dream is to unite people of the land with the marvels of the ocean. Her story is like those of many South Africans; of how, while visiting the sea with her family, Crestal had unwittingly contributed to polluting marine life. She didn’t know the impact of what she was doing until one of the sea creatures submersed her into its under water life. Here she experienced first-hand the dangers of sea pollution and the need for us humans to care of the Oceans.

Now Crestal, dressed in the colours of ocean life, with her waving anemone-like hair, wants to make a difference by sharing what she has learnt about the wonder and fragility of underwater life. Her colourful personality is set to spark a love for sea creatures and a desire to protect them. Information on plastic recycling, the importance of preventing wastage and being aware of the sustainable fish list are some of the topics she will be addressing.

The ideation and story of Crestal is the brainchild of a grade 10 student, Rebecca Byker of Northcliff High School. Byker was awarded with R10 000 for her vision and design, as well as R10 000 for her school in a local design competition, hosted by Cresta as the centre believes in the collaborative team work with the community on its key projects.

When you are next at the Centre be sure to visit the CrestAquarium situated at the Food and Entertainment Court with interactive activities on the basement level and you might spot Crestal to hear the voice of the ocean,. In bustiling Johannesburg, Cresta Shopping Centre brings a chance for young and old alike to explore, learn and wonder at life underwater.

Feeding & Cleaning Times

Something not to be missed, and which is sure to provide plenty of entertainment for the whole family, is feeding time for these fascinating aquatic residents. There are scheduled times between 12 noon to 12:20pm on specific dates over the festive season when shoppers can visit the CrestAquarium to watch the inhabitants being fed. So mark the dates below on your calendar and get ready for some great photo opportunities.




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